Monday, July 14, 2008

Small is Bountiful

UK author George Monbiot (he who doesn't fly, and came to Wellington Writers and Readers Week via satellite link) has written a recent column on how small farmers offer the best chance feeding the world.


Sandra said...

I'm very excited to find this blog. A slow food movement in New Zealand! I'm on the West Coast of the South Island, so not able to attend events, but I'll be watching this blog with interest. I'd already read the Monbiot article and found it interesting and convincing.

Nikki said...

Hi Johanna, I was wondering what the new blog was that you were working on! Will add this to my feeds for updates. Off to read the article now.

Johanna said...

Hi Sandra - there's a list of Slow Food convivia in NZ at

The Marlborough one has a blog at

Not sure if the other South Island ones do? Maybe Richard or Emma could answer?